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  • Artist Info: Greetings fellow gaians. Thank you for visiting my profile and taking the time to read my intro. <br />
    My username is Invalid Destiny. My old username was animesakurafreak18 and Official Uchiha Mikoto. But I changed it because someone tried to scam me. The hackers username was Mandy G A I A. She sent me a PM, saying I have to give my username and password or else I get banned. She poses as a Gaia staff member, but she isn't. Gaia staff will never ask you for your username and password. I was lucky that nothing was stolen from me, but many other gaians weren't. If someone says that they were scammed or hacked, please try to help them. You don't need to donate, you could report the hacker, that will help many other people who have been hacked by this person and you will help other people, to not be hacked. <br />
    Now back to me. On this account, (my first and only account) it says I'm born on June 18th 1995. The part where it says I'm born on June 18th is right, but I accidentally picked 1995. I'm only a few years younger than 15 (I am not going to reveal my age).<br />
    I am 140 Gaia days old. I have around 170,000 gold (my gold amount will get bigger over time) . I don't have any Gaia cash. I could have gotten some Gaia cash, on Christmas Eve, I asked my Dad if he would get me a Gaia cash card. He said yes, but since it was Christmas Eve, Walmart and Toys R Us closed early. Maybe in the future I will get Gaia cash (I am not begging).<br />
    I have 60 friends. My best friend on Gaia is living in Austrailia. Her name is Luma Lillian. This is how we met on Gaia. I was browsing in the Chatterbox sub-forum and I clicked on a topic that said "my hands smell funny". I said to the author that when I was little my feet smelled like Doritos. And they were starting to smell like Cheetos. Then Luma asked me: " what do you do, stick feet in chips?".<br />
    That made me laugh, then I replied. Then we got into a big conversation. I think I spent 3 hours posting, that night. At the end of our conversation, Luma told me to add her as a friend. And thats the story of Luma Lillian and I. <br />
    Now I don't I've mentioned this but Luma is a goth and so am I. I've been a goth since I was 10. And I have the worst kind of hair for a goth. My hair is black (black hair is good, for a goth), but my hair is thick. Not like normal thick, it's a jungle. It's so hard to brush it. It's really curly, I want thin hair, that is nice and straight. But I know that I will never get straight hair.<br />
    Anyways, I'm a vegatarian. I've been a vegatarian since I was 10. Most of the really important stuff in life, happened when I was 10. My older sister was a vegatarian before me. Then my older brother became one after me.<br />
    One of my classmates (his name is David) is on Gaia and he is one of my friends. He sits in front of me in homeroom.<br />
    Well I think that`s enough for now. Bye.<br />
    <br />
    Invalid Destiny~ heart
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