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    --"Ego sum Lucis quae Duxit ad Tenebrum"--<br />
    Hi, i'm Ardit, 15 from Albania. Currently in senior year of high school. I love partying and drinking with friends, i also do smoke. I love Metal! Favorite bands are Bullet For My Valentine, Ready, Set, Fall!, AxeWound And Draconian! I also listen to some Hardcore such as AngerFist. I love the whole of biker culture, and one day i will buy my own Harley Davidson. Care to donate a buck or two? I'm pretty friendly, most of the time. I'm a LaVeyan Satanist. To know more Pm me! Have a hellish day!! ;D<br />
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    Seven years later i return to this place with a burning nostalgia. When i used to be here in my early to mid teens, i used to be such a simple kid. Just enjoying the company of other people online on this website. I miss the usernames that went offline for good. So many people i lost touch with.. I really hope they're all doing well and life treats them good. Time's flied and differently from the image my 15yo self gives me, i've grown into a very tired adult. Very little of life gives me joy, it's all just responsibilities. I don't believe there is many kids around these days on this website, but if even one gets to read this, it'll be worth it. Enjoy your kid and teenager days, don't let people make you feel inadequate, don't let them tell you what you can and can't be. That's for another day. Right now just live your daily life as best as you can. Before you know it you'll have turned into a shallow & empty adult who rarely gets to laugh. <br />
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    In a rotten world<br />
    Where the stench of putrefaction corrupts minds,<br />
    The fires of hell only can purify.<br />
    So let them rise, let them dominate and burn fiercely.<br />
    Behold the purity of fire,<br />
    Behold Lucifer..
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