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  • Artist Info: Umm I am 14 ( stare ). I love to draw,hey who says it has to be good question Usually Anime-like drawings but I've done self portraits before. I like going to the moviies heart ,trying to navigate my way thru the local mall is always fun wink I lOvE boy watching 'guys is that scary?', what was I saying question lol ...... idea oh there it is I don't get out alot. I have a medical condition u do not want me to get started on stare I act Emo/punk but if u c my photos I don't dress like it, I mean I would but my dad got laid off his job about the time I took on that style cry haha xp I am currantly single cry cuz I suc xp jk I have red&&pink hair its long and I REFUSE to cut it I live in a crap hole hick town (omg I hope none of Shepherd sees that eek ) haha x) I'm not like them, although I do get a redneck accent when I'm angry confused I can act very mean twisted but I am usually very sweet 4laugh and I am a loyal friend I like helping ppl If I can I do have to warn u I sometimes bite blaugh I like calling ppl hun so if I call u that I don't mean anything like that 'unless ur cute//hott then expect it xp jk' and I love 'almost' eveeeryone whee .<br />
    If you wanna kno anything else jus ask me heart <br />
    Love&Midgets',<br />
    Betzy heart heart wink
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