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  • Artist Info: Name: TheNekoJake, Neko Jake or just Jake<br />
    Sex: Male<br />
    Age: 15<br />
    Sexual oriantation: Straight<br />
    Status: Taken by mashed up<br />
    Race: White (German, italian and polish)<br />
    Hair: RL: Brown Rp: White<br />
    Eyes: RL: Brown RP: Red<br />
    Occupation: Noob slaying and raving<br />
    Things I like: Anime, Roleplay, RPGs, Cheesecake, Cats, Nekos, Girls, Networking sites, Friendly people, Making friends, Getting money on Gaia, XAT<br />
    Things I dont like: Haters, Noobs, People who think there better than you, Posers, Hateful/rude people.<br />
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