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  • Artist Info: I'm weird and moody alot of times mad <br />
    I can seem intimidating,<br />
    Naive people annoy me. <br />
    I'm a cancer,<br />
    I really..don't care most of the time, <br />
    I like old video games,<br />
    I love Earthbound,<br />
    Im part Swedish,<br />
    Panty and Stocking is awesome,<br />
    I pretty much love every genre of video games except for first person emotion_yatta <br />
    My first anime was DB or One piece <br />
    My first video game was Super Mario 64,<br />
    I LOVE CROWS!, (You don't even know..)<br />
    and blah.<br />
    If you meet me, I may be cold or quiet at first, but no harsh feelings.<br />
    <br />
    I made this profile btw :3
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