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  • Artist Info: hi..! call me what ever you want... im 14 yrs. old, and ugh.. i usually hve different personalities..well.. my...<br />
    1st personality<br />
    -many peoples used to say that i am weird<br />
    "well am tellin' ya', you know nothin' bout' me soo get lost none need ya!'<br />
    -i dont care if you found me boring<br />
    "kill me.. i can possibly die happy"<br />
    User Image<br />
    -sometimes i felt like committing suicide... seriouslyy.. eh.. <br />
    "maybe because i've done all my part"<br />
    -i found my self miserable<br />
    "one day i'll look back on it"<br />
    -everyone used to hate me<br />
    "i deserved to.. ive been loved and hated for who i am.."<br />
    -i spend too much time on the computer duin' absolutely nothin'<br />
    -don't bother talkin' to me if you cannot handle my cold attitude<br />
    -i don't care what people thinks about me..<br />
    "doesn't matter at all.."<br />
    -i have bitter life<br />
    "so dont bother askin' me why am always staring down"<br />
    -life is passin' me by you may found me sleepin' all day<br />
    "yea.. am offently stucked at my bed"<br />
    -im always having hardships when it comes to socializing with other peoples<br />
    -i hate peoples who gettin' my way<br />
    <br />
    2nd personality<br />
    User Image<br />
    -i love duin' weird things everynight<br />
    "i used to talk to my self..soo dont laugh if you heard me cause its true..."<br />
    -i like ghost,they look good...<br />
    -i can appreciate my evil ways..<br />
    "it kinda works out.. you see then.."<br />
    -i admire killa's..<br />
    -i love seeing disgusting things.. mrgreen <br />
    "it makes me smile twisted "<br />
    -i have criminal minds... evil <br />
    "eh.. its not that i want to kill some, but i want him not to be alive anymore.."<br />
    -i always been kind to everyone<br />
    "soo i guess its a time of change"<br />
    -i love to play twisted <br />
    "We are all born marked for evil. "<br />
    -i hate annoying peoples<br />
    "dont be foolin' around, or ill kill you, slowly.. painfully..."<br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
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