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  • Artist Info: Hi im ashley, but i hate my name and love the name Zena Zaffrio : D.I am a Rhabdomyosarcoma survivor and I've been through so many needles, 46 staples, several surgeries, stitches, and many scans. Im friendly and different and love to read (usally always fiction or about art and animals) and love VIDEO GAMES!!! BAMM!! I love video games like fable, oblivion, halo, gears of war, guildwars, ect. Most people dont like me, well where i live, because people think im too different and werid(freaky) to be around and i would ruin there popularity. SO at school im alone.... i really only talk to a couple of people that are nice.... but not many people care about me.. Im shy but not easily put down.... I have a bad temper if you get my meaning. I wont let people get advantage of me, ever.<br />
    But I just love doing werid things i guess you could say.... Im not religious, and am more scientific. Not to be mean or anything but i dont like the topic of religion but i respect everyones belief. Thats another reason why people dont like me, because they judge me on my beliefs which is very wrong. But i hope you people can see me as a good person. biggrin <br />
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