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  • Artist Info: Hey :3: um.. Hey?<br />
    How old are you?: Well im turning 17 this school year..y u ask?<br />
    oh just wondering ^^ wats ur favorite food: TACOS! :3 <br />
    biggrin wats ur fav color(s): :3 white heart and black<br />
    y did u put a heart next to white: cuz im a white wolf and so is my hubby heart <br />
    who is ur hubby :3: Liebet Hellsing heart <br />
    would u quit putting hearts O:&lt;: nope (:&lt; heart MWHAHAHAHAH<br />
    -.- r u strange: well DUH <br />
    r u weird: is the sky blue -.-<br />
    yes: then im weird : P<br />
    o.o oh lol :3 do u like tacos :3: omfg r u retarded?<br />
    :3 yesh: -.-<br />
    wat: nothing ~rolls eyes~<br />
    &gt;:/ o: do u rp: sometimes :3<br />
    have u ever experinced a noob attack: o.o yes!! ~shivers~<br />
    how was it: -.- HORRIBLE! D:&lt;<br />
    oh :3: -.-<br />
    how many sons do u have: 2.. i think xD<br />
    wat does xD mean ~looks at chu in a retarded way: -.- really?!<br />
    wat: xD is a smiley face<br />
    ohhh :3: -.-<br />
    xD: wat?!<br />
    just trying out the smiley :3: -_-<br />
    were do u live: o.o STALKER! <br />
    wtf how do u know my secert O:&lt; : &lt;.&lt; wtf?! <br />
    oops u were joking werent u: &lt;.&lt; ~nods head yes~<br />
    sweatdrop forget that one: well okiie u done asking questions yet<br />
    almost: okiie well hurry i dont have all day -.-<br />
    r u smexii: well DUH u cnt handle all of my smexiiness<br />
    o.o wanna cyber: wtf?!? NUUU!!!<br />
    awww D: : ~looks at u then punches u~ bye<br />
    Dx u gave me a bloody nose: idc : P
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