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  • Artist Info: So I'm a 22 year old Photo Specialist at Walgreens studying Interpersonal and Organizational Communication at a school called IPFW. I have a lovely girlfreind, and have recently been reunited with some old freinds. Although I have so many I miss. I am a hopeless Romantic, I am a nerd, I am a Jock, and everything in between. People love me, and people hate me, but I'm okay with that. I am here on gaia to escape the stress of reality for a couple of minites now and then. Good freinds where made here. Good times where had here, throughout the last six years although I come and go quite often. If you liked me in an RP and want to RP some more contact me and send me the link to the RP you think I'd like. In any case have fun my freinds. And remember you write your own story, what's important in it is up to you. Not just here, but in the real world as well. Stay well. God (or whatever Diety you personally follow if any) Bless.<br />
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    ~The world is initially flawed, that's what make it so damn beautiful (Roy Mustung, Full Metal Alchemist)
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