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    I put babies on your neck make you look like you got some bling-bling. The name is Mallonee Justine Sherrill. &lt;3 Don't like it? Too bad. I'm 13 years young. Gotta problem with age? Get over it already. And for who think I'm fake.. Fuck you. &lt;3 I'm from that stoner town of Ohio. No I don't do drugs. I'm not an average person. If you think I am I will shove a dead turkey up your penis/vagina. WHICH WILL HURT. Lmao. XD But yeah. (: I don't feel like typing anymore. So if you want to know anything, just ask. XD<br />
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    http://myspace.com/happifunb3ar<br />
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    HERO(S):<br />
    User ImageDanny Worsnop &lt;3.<br />
    User ImageOliver Sykes &lt;3.<br />
    User ImageSpanky &lt;3.<br />
    User ImageChristopher Drew &lt;3.<br />
    User Image Craig Mabbitt &lt;3.<br />
    User ImageAndy Sixx &lt;3.<br />
    User ImageAlexandre Evans &lt;3.<br />
    User ImageBryson Lindberg &lt;3.<br />
    User ImageRaven Keyes &lt;3.<br />
    User ImageSam Schacher &lt;3.<br />
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