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  • Artist Info: I am so happy ^^<br />
    User Image<br />
    Hi!!!!! Wats Up!!!!!<br />
    I'm MirroredDream [duh] <br />
    Anyway I am a very happy and random person [anyone who knows me knows that] <br />
    I love music and listen to everything and anything <br />
    My profile multi. is Dum Da Di Do by Nightcore<br />
    My siblings and 'siblings' on here include my 'big sis' FairyDust_Chi-na [who is by far supaa kawaii smile ], my awesomeo 'big bro' Grave Rodarina Dethcroft, and my little brother -Kage_Steuthu-.<br />
    Anyway I love to draw!! I've been drawing before I could even write wordz and as you can tell i seem to have an endless imagination. My work should be showing up in the arenas little by little. <br />
    I write stories in case you were wondering. Comment in the arenas, and let me know what you think. <br />
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