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  • Artist Info: I am BEA HEAR ME ROAR! twisted <br />
    Latex gave me my face :3 I LOVE HER!<br />
    My name is Bea, I have big dreams but little expectations. I'm a very random person, and i'm very appreciative of my friends, friends are my air food and drink.<br />
    I love photography and is planning to be one when I'm older. I want to travel the world and maybe go into space. xp <br />
    I also like spanish.. but i'm not very good at it.. my fav food is jello, its awesome! Katy B is my current favourite singer.. -it changes regularaly.<br />
    So, enough about me, I want to know about YOU! I love random adds, pms, feel free to leave a note on my wall. And if i say i'm in a bad mood, you might want to back off. LOVE YOU ALL heart heart heart <br />
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