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  • Artist Info: Name: Romeo Blackburn<br />
    Age: 17<br />
    Gender: Male<br />
    Abilities: Master Acrobatics, increased strength, and superior speed.<br />
    Powers: The ability to channel elements and such through musical notes.<br />
    Appearance: (Usually avatar)<br />
    History: No one really knows where Romeo was borne, nor who his parents were. He grew up in the wild living by himself, he adapted to nature and gained abilities beyond that of any human, it's been rumored however that his father was the Last Leader of a great family, named the Samura. Regardless Romeo soon found his way to the outer reaches of the wild and into civilization. It took a little while but soon he became a civilized human being, he learned to play guitar, and also he learned how to channel the elements through the notes he played. He always remembered the DNA test results; Romeo Blackburn (self-given) and Rahsia Samura matched. <br />
    Occupation: Mercenary, guitar player.<br />
    Race: 3/4 human, 1/4 demon.<br />
    Personality: Calm, laid-back, but warm to those he deems deserve it.<br />
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