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  • Artist Info: I get on Gaia a lot.(I have no life, ikr.)<br />
    I wish I was older than your mom.<br />
    Stuck up people, I would r.ape em'. (Not good way.)<br />
    I am lazy.<br />
    I am older than 1.<br />
    I have a short attention span.<br />
    I can have good advice for my friends.(When I feel like it.)<br />
    I love my family and friends.<br />
    I S U C K at school...Manly Math. :'c<br />
    I will color a picture for you in my princess coloringbook..c:<br />
    I am Ally. <br />
    I am backyard rapist <br />
    (Your looking fine. ;D)<br />
    Also I like to have people in my rapist c: <br />
    Wanna come in my van?<br />
    Taken. c:<br />
    Don't take me seriously. <br />
    k.hun.thx. anything else you wanna know...<br />
    I like anime. so bye. :]<3Screw.Comments.
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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