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    Hello razz .<br />
    Things About meh..<br />
    i'm weird<br />
    i have insomnia<br />
    i am actually smart even thought i don't act like it<br />
    i'm in high school<br />
    i play guitar<br />
    i love drawing<br />
    i write a series of books called The Fallen.. there are 7 so far<br />
    i run track and cross country<br />
    i have straight hair<br />
    i wear alot of eyeliner<br />
    my favorite food is salad<br />
    my favorite colors are black, red, purple, and silver.<br />
    i love cats smile <br />
    snakes are awesome and amazingly adorable.<br />
    i believe in ghosts and that my house is haunted.<br />
    i ghost hunt at night in my yard.<br />
    i squeeze my cat and make weird noises at him because i feel like it.<br />
    i love rock music ♪♫<br />
    i sometimes get labeled as emo, but i dont consider myself that because nobody should have labels. Its the inside of people that counts.<br />
    I'm about 5'7...<br />
    i think I'm fat no matter how much i weigh..<br />
    there's an evil monkey in my closet...<br />
    there's a mouse in my ceiling...<br />
    there's a worm in my shower...<br />
    there's a spider in my spaghetti...<br />
    there's a good sign that i'm out of things to say.:O
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