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  • Artist Info: Hello, I'm a French woman over 25 yrs Old. I discovered Gaïa thanks to website with a webcomics. And i like it because this site is full of things to do. I enjoye making my Avatar and searching new stuffs for it. The first purchase was a Pig Mask , i rarely wear it off. Sometimes my english is quite "complicated". But i try to improve. <br />
    <br />
    When i'm bored, i jump in the Art Forum and pick a Topic. Sometimes i offer a Drawing. Only if i'm in mood and under cafein thanks to a black coffee. You know french coffee are not a legend .... They can be very strong... That's drive me crazy rofl (yeah...more than usual)<br />
    <br />
    If you want a comission of your OC, as i said... i'm not very good with deadline. And i don't know how many my work cost.I used to have a shop, but i closed it because i have often desapeared from gaïa when i felt the need. If you realy want me to draw something for you. Try to catch me. Maybe i ll maybe not.<br />
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