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    Hello, welcome to my profile. c:<br />
    Pics? Here.<br />
    First one<br />
    Ew.<br />
    Let me know if they're errors.<br />
    Profile music?<br />
    We the Kings - See You In My Dreams<br />
    Ronnie Radke and Vic Fuentes are mine. emotion_dowant <br />
    For about about me:<br />
    I'm 15, Short as fuck, skinny as hell, and I like meeting new people c:<br />
    I'm a metalhead, I listen to Dubstep and maybe some other genres.<br />
    I'm picky on people so if I don't like you just by looking at you. I'm sorry?<br />
    I'm also single, so gimme some of dat love. Hurr durr durrr Taken now emotion_dowant <br />
    I'm a Linework artist, Don't expect too much less black lines.<br />
    I think the prices were 100M for headshot, 130M for chibi and 300M for full body.<br />
    Double the price of fullbody for couple art.<br />
    So hit me up with a PM or comment me if you wanna be buds. cx<br />
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