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  • Artist Info: Hey babes. Want a real gentleman? You're looking at one. Sit back and relax. I can take care of it all. <br />
    Today (6-8-10) a user asked me a question and I became confused. Upon reading over and over my words above I began to try and think how 95% of people of all ages think and it dawned on me why I was asked said question that shall not be named. I apologize but to any who may...come to the conclusion the user in question did then I shall say that is not true and that I am but a gentleman. My new About Me shall be listed below and I hope it shall be clearer and erase any falsehood. 3nodding -bows politely-<br />
    <br />
    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. If you are a lady and are tired of men not being sensitive or listening enough to you and wish to be with a true Gentlemen then come and message me. I shall listen and help in anyway I possibly can if possible. You may relax as I shall not judge anyone who comes for advice or anything. I am the leader of my own guild that is currently looking for new members smile so if you would wish to then please, come and join. 3nodding We are a small guild but are looking to grow and spread awareness to help users to better protect themselves from any chance of being hacked or taken advantage of by hackers or other users who think it is right to trick an honest person out of their account. If you are wishing to join as you are interested then please apply to:<br />
    <br />
    Security Awareness Guild<br />
    <br />
    In my Signature (also to the side in profile under Guilds) is a link to the guild if you click on the banner. smile There are also Role Plays, Chatting, a spot for Bumping, a Sub-Forum for users to post their quests, items they wish to donate to any who want them, and any items they are wanting to trade with for another item. 3nodding We also have contests. We currently have one contest that is now active and still we wait for users to take part. We hope to expand and grow to help users know how to protect themselves and what actions to take depending on the situation.<br />
    I also enjoy meeting new people as well as long as they are respectful to myself and others. I believe that is all until I have thought of more to post. 3nodding then I shall update this area accordingly. smile
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