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  • Artist Info: Im funny..i think..? >__><br />
    cute, as my bf always sez lol<br />
    i love to sketch and draw :3<br />
    I'll do whatever you ask me to, to get the things i want wink <br />
    i LOVE shopping <3 <br />
    i cant live without..my eyeliner,my hair (omg BALD! lol) and...my undies! ;D<br />
    i like.. uhm what do i like? i like likkle kisses and huggles,skinny jeans on guys (cuuttee!) hanging out with my friends, talking on the phone for hourss, bitching about peoples (when im in a bad mood lol)<br />
    send meh a message, dont be shy =^.^=<br />
    <br />
    currently trying to earn money for my dream avi... i dont know if this url will work but this is it >0<<br />
    http://public5.tektek.org/img/av/1008/d18/0605/09ab945.png<br />
    hope you like it <3<br />
    i currently have 160k..about there anyway >.< i desperately need donations, if possible! im making my money off booty grabs, and booty grabs only so, you feel my pain crying lmao<br />
    if you would like to donate an item instead, heres the list ><<br />
    White tiger slippers ( 1,860 g )<br />
    Biancamella (growing) ( 222, 167 g )<br />
    Noels gift (ladys eyes) ( 368,193 g )<br />
    Rainbow Jubilee ( the dress ) ( 81, 934 g )<br />
    Star Babies (bivs side pony tail) ( 194, 681 g )<br />
    these prices mayyy be different as the market prices always vary... crying <br />
    ThAnKyOu<br />
    ^3^ <----- kisseh face blaugh
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