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  • Artist Info: Hello, my name is Andrew but please call me Andy. I'm 12 years old and<br />
    I live in the United States in Chicago, Illinois with my parents. Which are separated, but please I love it most of the time, except some when my Mom's husband gives attitude to me or my Mom. Thank God my Dad hasn't remarried!!! I have one real brother who is older than me. And one step brother and sister they are my Mom's husband's kids, but they are cool. My passion in life... well you'll find out once you get to know me more. I am not new to Gaia. I in life have learned that some people don't mean what they say. I truly love life and I will respect will respect you to a certain extent. For example, if you mess with me and I am showing you respect I will have no respect for you anymore. Also I am a very cool and understanding person who takes time to sort out problems, but please if you promise someone something keep your word on it because if not it will maybe hurt more than one person maybe even yourself. Some of my favorite things to do is bake with my darling grandmother. But I love to cook my dream is to be a restaurant owner and be head chef and have a hotel connected to that restaurant. I truly don't care in what you believe in as long as you respect what I do. I have three dogs, two at my Dad's which names are Rocky and Frankie. And one at my Mom's who's name is Princess. I am a French Hornest who is a person who plays French Horn. I for one have found the joy of school so yes you can call me a person who loves school. Nerds are people who are creepy and freaky so are geeks too. I have been told I am mean, well truly I am actually very cool people say that because they don't know the difference of proper, and how close to what extent you can be and talk to a person and respect, with being loud snobby and mean. I also love back talking because I love being right although I do make mistakes. I will not stand to be embarrassed especially in front of friends by my teacher. Especially my home room she always is a subject changer. Although I do know there is a code of respect to an elder but why give an elder respect if they can't repay you back with it. <br />
    Now to the next thing to talk about... oh about movies well my favorite movie is August Rush. I just don't know why but I love how the music speaks in that movie. I don't know if you ever herd of the movie Leon The Professional but WOW that movie is so freaking cool. I love it I think the dude could have been Al'Capone's brother.<br />
    Umm... I don't want you all to know everything about me just here I love talking to people so much more so talk to me to know more if you want. Please don't be afraid to say what you think because you voice can make a difference. And plus I don't want to make this in a book either. <br />
    Oh and P.S.<br />
    DON"T TICK ME OFF!!! biggrin
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