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  • Artist Info: no one is more loyale than i. i think im pretty wise but thats one persons opinion. im shy at first but give me some time and ill come out of my shell. My friends call me a pervert, but ithink im more of a female fanatic. I love the chinese zodiac and the greek zodiac(fyi:im a rooster and leo).<br />
    I write but, i wouldn't call my self a writer. I play games but, im dont think im the best. I'm alittle ecentric and a bit of an attention whore. i'm half pesimistic and half optimistic.<br />
    i hate people in general(they annoy me)<br />
    I like people who aren't anoying<br />
    winter and fall suck<br />
    summer and spring are awesome<br />
    i want to know everything about the human mind
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