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  • Artist Info: Hello, this is Riku-kun.<br />
    I'm amongst a few people I know whom watch anime and read manga. For movies, I tend to enjoy a variety of science fiction, fantasy, and action, but I love psychological thrillers, whether they're well done murder mysteries or something created specifically to screw with the mind. I also like things that make the viewer think long and hard, particularly about the human mind, the supernatural, space/time, and how some of those elements combine. I believe that everyone deserves at least the slightest bit of respect, even if it is simply because they're another person. We don't get anywhere without showing respect and genuinely meaning it, whether it's in the world around us, or within our own minds. This is a constant truth whether we are talking about online or offline. People are still people whether they're behind a monitor or right in front of us.
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