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  • Artist Info: Hellooowwwwww.My name isSayori Kiyoshi, thats my Japanese name. But im not Japanese,but i loveeee jpop, but more than that i love kpop, its a part of my life now :D.....ya noe wat else i cant really live without..guess...hehe..its BIGBANG..love em sooo much, they r all so cute, hhaahha, thats why they are all over my profile:D<br />
    HEHE, and i gotta say one thing to someone (me bff): buda, be happy i said your name in this:D, <br />
    ummmmm..lets see wat else...oh yeah...i hate reading books, it hurts my brain, but i love reading manga, thats a different story. I also love watching dramas in other languages that i don't understand, mainly korean dramas....thats wat english subtitles are for :D <br />
    welll thats it about me:D
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