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  • Artist Info: Hello fellow gaians!! AzzyGoddess here, loved by many, hated by many, and i wanna tell ya a lil bout myself. :3 First off, u should no that im indian, azteca (aztec for short), and mexican. My birthday is May 29, and yes... Im a gemini. :3 Im obsessed with a few things--drawing, vampires (non sparkling vegan vampire lover!), and anime. If ya wanna no more bout my obsessions, just ask. ;3 The things that i dont like are fighting other pplz battles (except if ur a close friend), show-offs that think that they can have watever the hell they want, and i absolutely HATE Twilight! Im compatable with ALMOST anybody, so...yeah. lol. Well thats all ya need 2 no, ask me if theres anything that ya wanna no. ;3 buh-byez! wink <br />
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    I Adopted two Hosts!<br />
    Name: Hikaru & Kaoru<br />
    Loves: Money; Haruhi; Host Club; Girls<br />
    No Loves: Commoner rumors; Newspaper Club<br />
    Owner: Tamaki-chan <3<br />
    You wanna Adopt one???<br />
    Adpot One!
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