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  • Artist Info: Hey whats up! You know the name, now heres a little more about me: <br />
    I'm thirteen years young(:<br />
    I'm really outgoing<br />
    I live in Auburn Wa.<br />
    I attened RMS<br />
    I have the best of friends<br />
    I make bad first impressions<br />
    I speak my mind<br />
    I have a swareing problem<br />
    Bulshit and drama are hella stupid, keep them away from me!<br />
    I can keep a secret <br />
    I'm always going to listen if you need someone to talk to<br />
    I have a strange sence of humor<br />
    I'm complicated and you shouldnt even try to figure me out<br />
    I trust no one.<br />
    i hate the fakes<br />
    i make and loose friends at the speed of light.<br />
    I'm single, but i know this amazing guy wink <br />
    I am EXTREAMLY random<br />
    I love to smile(:<br />
    You should ask me if you want to know more<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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