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  • Artist Info: Catolic_Demon. I edit a lot of pictures. Mostly on Photobucket. If you want to ever look them up, my username is catty218. I watch anime and read manga, some of my favorite manga are DNAngel, Ichiroh, Soul Eater, and Shugo Chara. Some of my favorite animes are Soul Eater, Nabari No Ou, Bleach, Lucky Star, and Black Butler. I like cats..... nya. I enjoy drawing too, i've been told by some critics that Im talented for my age. Some things i hate are rude girls, people who say 'thats so gay' or 'thats what she said', people who lable things like Emo, and i hate white crayons... theyre so.... white-crayon-ish, and when my mechanical pencils run out of led. One stange thing about me (everyone else thinks its strange), i watch os much anime that i'm able to tell English voice-actors of each character. If there's a voice-actor from, say, Soul Eater and theyre played in Bleach, i'll be able to tell them apart. Blah blah <3<br />
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