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  • Artist Info: Hello and welcome to the profile which is TROY.<br />
    emotion_dealwithit <br />
    <br />
    Let's start with a basic introduction:<br />
    <br />
    1. My name is Troy, but I do go by Izumi-san sometimes, for those who know me as such. (it was a previous username for quite a while)<br />
    2. I am 17 years old and FINALLY IN COLLEGE ***HALLA*** emotion_awesome <br />
    3. I am probably the most gay man you will ever meet in your life XD<br />
    4. I am proud and love everyone, even when I'm in a bad mood (believe it or not)<br />
    5. I do have a short temper, but I'm open to other's opinions. The only actual way to piss me off is to just diss and bag on others for no apparent reason. I will do the same to you if I catch this behaviour around me.
    <br />
    6. I am huge on the NOH8 campaign for equal rights for everyone.<br />
    7. I LOVE writing, music, art, colouring, music, watching TV, playing video games, and Music...... did I mention I love music? heart <br />
    8. < this is my lucky number emotion_c8 <br />
    9. I commend you if you actually read this far..<br />
    10. Although my spelling may seem wrong to you on many words, I am South African so I speak U.K English (A.K.A real English)<br />
    11. I'm super fun, so if you can look past all of my flaws or even laugh at some of them, I believe we'll get on great. 4laugh <br />
    12. I have a cat that I frequently talk about. His name is Theodorable and he's a fat, black ball of fur cat_3nodding <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    13. If you didn't want to read all of that, just talk to me. You can PM me or friend me and find me in Towns2 frequently. I get on everyday so don't be shy if you're interested in having a new friend, kay?
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