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  • Artist Info: Here is the bastard son of Sun Wukong; a shadow of his own design. In a final battle with the Jade Emperor his great shining tail was hacked off and fell down from Heaven and buried itself amongst the rubble. Finally, with the help of the mighty Buddah Sun Wukong was captured and entombed in the mountain parallel to the holy peaks. Before this could happen Sun Wukong whispered into the blowing wind a message. The wind spirits being loyal to him for the gay pleasure he provided rushed his message to the tail shriveled and rotting at the bottom of the mountain. The message: Grow. At that very moment Sun Wukong's tail sprouted roots and planted itself deep within the ground and grew for many years. It grew tall and wide and covered many miles. Then, one day a lovely girl named Himiko wandered near the monkey tail's roots. She was on her way to visit her father who was very sick, but had lost her way. As it got dark she began having trouble seeing and stumbled through the brush until she tripped and fell down. She hit the ground so hard that it shook and made one of the roots pop up from the ground. A few months after she reached her father she realized that she had become pregnant and later gave birth to a small baby boy with a nub of a tail. She did not know how this marvelous boy had come to pass into her arms, but she viewed him as a miracle and vowed to love and protect him until her last breath. As he grew up he brought her much joy and laughter with his ridiculous antics and witty charm and so Himiko named him Saru no Ouji; The Monkey Prince. He lived out a full life full of crazy antics and gained many allies and friends. Then, one fateful night while sailing across the great oceans of the world a massive storm swept upon him and wrecked the ship beyond repair. During the storm, Saru no Ouji was knocked unconscious and thrown overboard and drug to the very bottom of the ocean. It was then that an evil spirit living deep in the crags of the great ocean rift, sensing the great untapped power within Saru, took hold of this chance and merged himself with Saru. Thus, a horrible menace was born onto the world and his name is The Jellyfish King. <br />
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