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  • Artist Info: Hi there.<br />
    I'm a real girl and i'm a teen.<br />
    Asian's my race.<br />
    I'm somewhere five feet.<br />
    [I know i'm short =w="]<br />
    I am friendly, playful and stupid.<br />
    I'm also "sensitive" in some... e___e"<br />
    ... never mind<br />
    I love hugging and talking to other people because I rarely get the chance to<br />
    communicate with someone. I'm always stuck at home. I have no friends<br />
    outside our house even though we live inside a subdivision and so I end up only drawing or sleeping repeatedly at home. <br />
    I try to talk to anyone but I always get ignored.<br />
    Maybe because i'm too playful. <br />
    I'm a loner which is the reason why I became a pessimist and I can't see <br />
    myself happy in the future. I'm alone in school, too.<br />
    Life's sad for me.<br />
    And I think i'll die like this. But I always try to smile despite all those especially in front of a camera,<br />
    If you're annoyed by that just think i'm delivering a line for some drama movie.<br />
    But seriously, that's me.
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