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  • Artist Info: You are now reading the section that is usually left untouched and unread. You must have lots of free time and nothing better to do, other than read some boring ramblings about a random girl that you most likely neither know nor care about. If that doesn't at least make you wonder why you're doing this, you've really got some problems with your feelings.<br />
    Okay, now that you've been properly warned, I'll continue on with my boring ramblings. As I said before, I am a random girl, who you most likely neither know nor care about, who lives over yonder. No, of course I'm not gonna tell you where I actually live! Jeez, stalker douchebag!<br />
    My inner thoughts and feelings are my own. I'm a random girl, not a girl who blabs about all my problems and feelings over the internet. The only things that I will share with you in my journal are little things that I just have on my mind that aren't personal things. Sure, sometimes those things just slip out, if I'm pissed off enough, but I like to hold my tongue as much as possible. Wait, you weren't expecting me to tell you my problems, were you? HAH! Secrets are secrets, b*tch!!<br />
    Anyways, I have multiple personalities, so if you happen to see me twice in town or something, and I seem different the second time you see me, just know that I might act differently each time, depending on how I feel. Hell, doesn't everyone?<br />
    Hey, since I've gotten myself going, I may as well ask, would those few wealthy people who happen to like reading boring ramblings of a random girl maybe like to mosey on over to my wishlist and send me one of them things on the list? If you do, I will like you, and you will be a winner. Maybe I'll even send you a thank you note with more of my lovely prattling that you so love. Arigatou gozaimasu! Merci! Gracias! Obrigado! Grazie! Danke! Dank u! Thank you!<br />
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    Have a good day, O reader of my crap.<br />
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