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  • Artist Info: hello everyone i am Cattileona but u can call me Catt. I luv my music but mostly rock or depressing music. I am a nagative person but i still like to laugh and all i can be miserable and depressed once an awhile although i don't like slacing myself so im half emo.<br />
    I luv anime i couldn't last a day without anime. I have seen lots of anime but my most favorite would be Naruto Shippuden and Naruto and out of them my most favorite character and also the sexiest xp would be Deidara heart heart heart . Im a very crazy and weird person and tend to be strange most of the time. Im very smart and i can deal with lots of pain in both ways verbal and physical and i am very protective over my friends so if anyone hurts this i will kick there @$$. Im very lovable to my friends im alos shy sometimes but when i get to know someone i am very chatty and very social. I luv playing video games of all sorts favs are RPG with lots of goar and volance. I luv horror movies with lots of volance and goar and i hate chick flicks. I sometimes am active... I luv food too ^ ^ but im quiet the skinny miny ^ ^ anyways thats all hope u will enjoy being my friend ^ ^ heart love u all
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