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  • Artist Info: Hello, my name is Thaeos. But not in real life. So, I'm a liar. But I'm telling you that I'm lying. So, I must be an honest liar. I am a paradox. Or am I? It is safe to say that I'm confusing. But not to me, it's only in your perspective. I'm bored, what was I writing this for? Anyways, that about sums it up. The End. I hope you enjoyed your stay.<br />
    <br />
    For the record my name is Alexander, I'm [REDACTED] years old and I'm as gay as the day is long. I am not going to date you so don't ask or get your hopes up please. I'm interested in someone else. I donate but never to those that ask for it. I don't tolerate liars. I am very difficult to anger and quick to forgive as long as you deserve to be forgiven. I enjoy making others happy and I love talking to my friends. I don't usually reach out to people for a conversation, but I will always respond if you send me a profile comment or a PM or if you quote me.<br />
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    I graduated with a degree in Film/Video Production, with a minor in Art, and I love to act, sing, dance, play video games, make art, read, and play an instrument from time to time. My favorite part about Gaia is dressing up my avatar. Have a nice day.
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