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  • Artist Info: Kia ora brutha frm anutha mutha!!!<br />
    How is ya? Good, good. Me? Nah, im sweet as. The weather? Eh, 't's all right. Pretty warm, dry, i guess...<br />
    Lol xd Aye!!! Cool story, bro..<br />
    Nah, Im good, ty 4 asking!<br />
    Ah! The joy of txt language eh! All o rly this and omg that. Where would this world be without LOL?<br />
    Anyways, isn't gaia addictive!! Suckin the time outta me. Love drawing everything! So awesome and animeish and mangary n' stuff. GAIA!!! U INTRODUCED ME 2 ANIME!!!! I LUVS JOOOOOO!!!<br />
    Lulz, just had 2 get that out there.<br />
    Oh? U know stuff about anime n' manga? Well then, what the hell!!! Tell me dammit!!! Oh, and while ur at it, smarty pants, teach me some Japanese!!!<br />
    Music? Ah, yes. I like music. Sorry, I FRIKIN LOVE MUSIC!!! Who doesn't?? My fave? probably Muse. Never gotten sick of them!! I Am Giant pretty good. Dubstep is quite da bomb!! Anyhoo, Who don't like New Zealand music? Blackseeds n' Fat freddy's drop all the way. H8rs gonna h8!! Lol >.<<br />
    You have some songs u think i might like? Well sure i'd like 2 here them! Hit me!!<br />
    Oh, thanks, ur gaia avatar's pretty awesome 2!!<br />
    So where u based at? Some fancy place in America where i've never heard of? Thought so... Me? Im in the ataahua south island of New Zealand. Huh? Oh, ataahua is beautiful in maori. I can speak english(duh) Maori and (fluent) Bislama. Thats the language they use in Vanuatu. Yeah, Maori's New Zealands national language. It's hard to get by without learning some!! But i dun flaunt my awesomeness ou<<br />
    So yeah, oh and im learning Japanese with only myself and the internet. You know some? Well gimme a pm or whatever just TEACH ME!!<br />
    Yeah, nice meeting you 2!! Oh yeah!! Please add me, that would be sweet!! Huh? Oh that noise is my dog snoring. Shes asleep and crushing my leg. Yup, i have 1 dog, 1 cat and 2 rats. Yeah, yeah, calm down!! They're domestic rats, and i just happen to love them!!!<br />
    Yeah!! It's been cool! I'll catch up with ya l8r eh? Cool, cya then!! <br />
    Buh Bye pirate
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