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  • Artist Info: welcome to my wonderfully fantastic amazing spectacular profile! <br />
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    i like penguins and i like to hang with my friends. i also like to draw, but im not that good at it sweatdrop but whatever, at least i try! I DO NOT accept random friend requests unless i know u, so if u played zOMG with me or we just chatted lots, then i will add you without hesitating 3nodding Although i dont accept random friend requests, i do answer to random PM's! I always love to talk with people, so if u feel like chatting, then just send me a PM wink <br />
    i like to make dream avitars, and i can make u a few for free, i might even be opening my own avitar shop soon. whee <br />
    <br />
    this profile was made by: iiAzn_Cookies xd <br />
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