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  • Artist Info: ...basically this page is for (you guessed it) Angel, Bones and Buffy stuff. I've got a little bit of NBC on the right too ^^ - and if you get a chance, comment on my submitted avis in the 'cosplay' section of the art arena...Enjoy 0w0<br />
    <br />
    Which Angel Character are you?<br />
    Your Result: You are Angel<br />
    You are handsome and care for the ones you love. You tend to brood alot and you have a darkside. Everyone around you is safe as long as they don't make you too happy or too sad. <br />
    Result Breakdown:<br />
    88% You are Angel<br />
    79% You are Fred<br />
    60% You are Lilah<br />
    40% You are Lorne<br />
    40% You are Wesley<br />
    22% You are Cordy<br />
    0% You are Gunn<br />
    Quiz Created on GoTo Quiz<br />
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