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  • Artist Info: **Basics**<br />
    I was born on August 3rd, 1990 in Mesquite Texas.<br />
    Sometimes I still have an accent.<br />
    My hair was Strawberry blonde up until I was 10, then it changed to be Dark Brown.<br />
    My eyes are brown, although I am told there are blue specks in them, but I can't see them. I have also been told my eyes look red sometimes.<br />
    I have an "average" body type, but I would like to have a more "athletic" body type<br />
    <br />
    **Quirks**<br />
    I have to put the right sock on first.<br />
    I have to put both socks on before shoes.<br />
    I have to put my right shoe on first.<br />
    I have to put my LEFT glove on first.<br />
    I have to put a hat on OVER earmuffs.<br />
    I prefer to put my undershirt on, then my pants, then my main shirt.<br />
    I twist my hair into knots when I am tired, or bored.<br />
    I zone out frequently, and often don't know what I was thinking, or what you were saying, usually without realizing it.<br />
    I sometimes forget things I was told 5 seconds ago.<br />
    I sometimes forget what I was going to say, even as I am saying it.<br />
    I sometimes trip over thin air.<br />
    <br />
    **Likes**<br />
    I live Nature, Animals, Plants, Water, Rocks, the whole she-bang.<br />
    My Favorite Color is Green, sometimes it's blue. Always anything in between.<br />
    I like my marshmellows Burnt to a crisp.<br />
    I like walking through High Grass.<br />
    I like roses only if they aren't RED. Pink is ok.<br />
    I love Lilacs, and Lilies.<br />
    I like odd numbers, except for 1.<br />
    I am addicted to Sunflower Seeds.<br />
    I love mixing Hershey's Chocolate with fresh bottled Pepsi.<br />
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