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    Hello everyone! <br />
    Ok so here's a small intro to the one and only -Phantom Revenge- <br />
    -My name's Francisco<br />
    -I graduated from lely High School, Naples, Florida 2009<br />
    -I'm 20 and turn 21 on August 24, 2012<br />
    -I go to Edison State College in Naples, Florida<br />
    -I work at Spencer's Gifts at Coastland Center Mall<br />
    -I do avi art and shit like that so ask >=D<br />
    -I enjoy Phantom of the Opera above all other musicals<br />
    -I enjoy writing, reading, being with my friends, specially Ambuh x3 MAH BFF <br />
    - I like Stephen King books<br />
    -I enjoy my horror movies and musicals of all sorts<br />
    -I am a bit of a clumsy fucktard sometimes :B <br />
    <br />
    Anyways leave a comment or perish >=D
    <br />
    <br />
    PeaceLove2- 1500g and a Flashion Guys Shirt <br />
    Neon Amara- 1000g <br />
    Master Skittle Bear- 3700g <br />
    xoxo- a m a n d a a a- Holy Gauntlets <br />
    Lucky_Charms515- 2500g <br />
    XxXxTAGGYxXxX- 1963g<br />
    cute hinata hyuga- 2000g <br />
    HaloBlossom- 525g and a Mokona Hat <br />
    tormentedtrauma177- 1000g <br />
    ivicadeV2 - 14k <br />
    AnchorBlue- 5k and a Cosmos<br />
    libragrl76- Aquarium Stuffs <br />
    Ravens Haven- Aquarium Bubbler <br />
    Daisuki-joshi- Aquarium Blue Shell<br />
    Queen_Frostine- 5000g<br />
    Demonicangel7766- Angelic Lace<br />
    AnchorBlue- Reve Rouille heart <br />
    Aislene Drossel- 7k <br />
    Absolutely Batty- 20k<br />
    iGOD-7k<br />
    <br />
    ME<br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
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