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  • Artist Info: jennifer. fourteen. ditzy. unattractive. unadventurous. eats her vegetables and likes it. eats cupcakes and likes those, too. studious. serious sometimes. sometimes not. cannot sing. cannot draw. cannot play any musical instruments, excluding castanets. likes taking photos, having salty seaweed and sand in her hair, watching children's movies, jellyfish, doodling, applying lotion, baking goodies to clog others' arteries. only listens to a fine frenzy. is in love with a fine frenzy. long-distance runner. softball player. gets sunburned too easily. washes her face with grapefruit-scented face wash. victim of scoliosis. somewhat eccentric clothing. horrible vision. adores lace and bows. adores private messages. send one. i love you.<br />
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    she blogs: www.twobuttoneyes.tumblr.com
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