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  • Artist Info: hmm...my name is Sara, and... whee lemme warn you ahead of time that i'm pretty weird, have an overactive imagination, act about 10 years younger than I actually am most of the time(i'm 17 lol) and that i only get stranger the better you get to know me...but once you get past that behalf of my personality, i'm actually very nice, friendly, playful, I'm really into art and love working at my photography skillz, yo~<br />
    <br />
    Let's see....I want to be a pediatrician someday, and am a senior in high school at the moment, i'm 100% asian(half filipino, half saudi arabian...which most people respond with "wow...that's an odd mix" wink , and i'm just a generally fun loving person. I also wanna travel the world someday, taking awesome photos of places i go, and snowboarding(yes i snowboard 3nodding ) on hills and mountains all over biggrin . I also am pretty dern gewd with a yoyo as well...not competition material, however razz considering i hardly have enough time to hang out on gaia lately... and if you got this far, congrats, i shall give you a cookie if i ever meet you in person 4laugh
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