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  • Artist Info: Company name: D.S.C. (Dream solvers Corporation)<br />
    Name: Amy Shiko<br />
    Rank: Professor & Captain<br />
    Age: 18<br />
    Military info: Hollow General of the Species division<br />
    Species: Hollow Demon<br />
    Location: Aurora MO.<br />
    Previous schooling: P.S.H.A. (Paranormal Spirit Helpers Academy)<br />
    Code number: 62983<br />
    Contact info: PM on gaia only unless gained trust.<br />
    Relationship: Married (spiritually)<br />
    Family: Classified<br />
    Weapon: Sword<br />
    Weapon's name: Darksoul<br />
    Training, school: Home schooled<br />
    Current job: Casie's Gas and Food mart (Pizza girl)<br />
    Soul age: Classified<br />
    Genealogy: Royalty blood<br />
    F.Y.I.<br />
    I am curently looking for ppl to hang out with in Aurora MO. If you are intorested or if you wanna talk just pm me or leave a coment ^.^
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