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  • Artist Info: The name's Aly. I'm sixteen &* up for anything. <br />
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    I'm a very blunt person. I make more mistakes in a days time than most people do in a lifetime. I hurt peoples feelings, and I tend to have an "I don't give a motherfuk attitude". I give out second chances too easily. I tend to fall hard and fast for the wrong guys. I stay happy, and I'm always chipper. I'm indecisive. I read for fun. I attend Liberty High School with the cool kids. I randomly tell people to increase the peace, although I don't always do so myself. I listen to Bob Marley on a dailey basis. I text like it's going out of style. Ask for the number. I am not single. I am taken, by Dustin Daniel Adkins. He is my life and everything in it. And although I am way to young, I'm ready to start a new life. I live by quotes of my heros, and I try my hardest to fufill my dreams. I'm confident, and I'm amazing. I'm a little girl with a huge heart. <br />
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    GET AT ME !
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