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  • Artist Info: Miss me? I love sweet foods, i'm bipolar, a spoiled girl, sensitveity freak,(I can go on but....). I know the world wants to be harsh but if anyone tries to hurt my family or me, wellll let's just say I like knifes. x) I don't like rumors and I hate people who don't keep their promises. If you make a promise you try to fullfill it, not put it in yo @$$. Also if yall look for me the things my gaia has done a few thhings: 1 left for months, 2 got a tan, and 3 won't change eyes or hair. Also if kids want me to e-mail them bear with me, I'm just a child at heart. Thank you!!!!<br />
    <br />
    P.S. I gave a very special friend my special #1 item. It's usally with me.
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