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    Hmmmmm where to start.....<br />
    <br />
    I'm random<br />
    Make weird sounds<br />
    Easy to get along with<br />
    Can't stay mad for more than 10 mins<br />
    Very sarcasitic<br />
    Apparently sounds like a boy (but not really unless that boy is really a girl...)<br />
    Athletic<br />
    Likes random numbers (numbers that end in 0 or 5 are concidered not random to me)<br />
    Flexiable<br />
    Loves sports<br />
    Plays sports<br />
    Hates girly girls<br />
    Loves winter<br />
    Loves VIDEO GAMES<br />
    Lucky number is 51 (was 8 then 10 then 1 then 0 now 51)<br />
    Is straight<br />
    Loves to make people feel as awkward as possible<br />
    Kicks ass in snowboarding<br />
    Is a bad speller<br />
    Is pretty blunt<br />
    Tries to get along if your not dumb or annoying<br />
    Can get shy (but not most of the time)<br />
    Tries to be fair<br />
    Loves to draw (not a sucky artist who can't draw)<br />
    Loves math<br />
    Really likes to be stupid<br />
    Wants to do alot of different things but can't do them all<br />
    Is one of those people that refuses to spell alot properly, A LOT<br />
    Has mostly guy friends<br />
    Has a AWESOME MOM who has cuss fights with me @ random<br />
    Has a sister who is older and can be a dick but i still love her<br />
    Is probably dyslexic<br />
    Not afraid to say "I farted" in public<br />
    Is ADD/ADHD<br />
    Makes up nicknames that end up sticking<br />
    Love manga more than anime<br />
    Still likes anime<br />
    Cosplays<br />
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