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    STFU! IM SPEAKING! c:<br />
    <br />
    •Well I Guess I Should Start Off With My Name Lovleys.... Å | ¥ ∫ ∫ å (Aha)<br />
    •I Live In Washington (State) For All The Stalkers Out There.. xD<br />
    • I Am Stright As A Damn Ruler. (That Means I Don't Fawk Chicks!)<br />
    •I Love To Draw, Text, Hang With My Guy Friends And Kiss My Boyfriend &gt;.&lt; (Ooh La Laa) <br />
    • Hmm.. I Hate Random Requests, Cause I Dunt Know About You, But I Wouldn't Want Some Random Dude Azz Raping Me! o:<br />
    •Erm.. Give Me Some Birthday Smexx On February 7th! Soo That Makes Me 14 Right Now! <br />
    (Guess The Year) <br />
    •I Hate Noobs And Big Clumps Of People. Also I Hate Hugs.. &gt; biggrin But What Is Worse Ish Tickling! Dx Soo Yea I Hate Both! (Dont You Dare) <br />
    •I Love Music, And 4 Leave Clovers (Maybe Cause There Green.. Idk) <br />
    •I Hate Pozers, Fakes, And Liars! Even If They Happen To Be My Best Friend ;(<br />
    Soo Yea! That's All I Got For Now! Any Other Q's You Want Answered? Just Pm/Comment Me :]] <br />
    <br />
    -Alyssaaaa (hehe)<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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