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    Hey my name is NancyMae.<br />
    Feel free to call me Mae, MaeBee, or basically anything else you want.<br />
    I am 22 year old and my pronouns are She/Her.<br />
    I am dark with gallows humor. I like to think I am a little insane, quiet yet speaks my mind, and more than a little anxious. Please don't get mad if I don't answer, I tend to do that unfortunately. I enjoy messing around on zOMG, Blackjack, playing card games, drawing, singing, and playing on my Switch! <br />
    I am here for chatting and friendship.<br />
    If you want to know anything else just ask<br />
    gaia_crown <br />
    gaia_nitemareleft Love, your Darling Mae gaia_nitemareright
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