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  • Artist Info: So, hey.<br />
    This isn't gonna be anything really interesting or informing, <br />
    but if you really wanna get to know me.. Pm me or something (: <br />
    <br />
    I'm not really what you would consider "popular" I mean, I have friends. Not to many, not to few. But y'know.. gotta be thankful for what you have, right? I try to make the best out of everything life gives me. I'm never truly happy with myself. Or my life. Even though my body may be young, i've experienced so much. Some good, some bad. Not going into detail. Yes, I do have a boyfriend. I can't live a day without music. I love Victorias Secret. I love shopping. I love being with my friends. I never really come on here, but I have a tumblr, and a facebook. Message me if you want to know them? Or just message me to talk.. I like making new friends &lt;3 (: <br />
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