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  • Artist Info: Moonlight Shimmers in and out of her eyes<br />
    A sense of magic can be felt when with her<br />
    The stars watch over her. The moon is her mother.<br />
    She is rapped in a blanket of blue and white.<br />
    She sings the sad song of the young girls with broken hearts<br />
    In the day she skips on Saturns rings but at night,<br />
    She is haunted with horrible things, <br />
    chilling images flash through her head,<br />
    dead souls, yearning for her help, lost lovers,<br />
    scared, cold, sad, she can't help them<br />
    She wants something more to her life,<br />
    She takes every single step to the top of her cloud of dreams<br />
    She wants badly to go down there,<br />
    down where love, beauty and life exist,<br />
    but she lives in this endless palace,<br />
    forever watching,<br />
    living a life lost in the stars.....
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