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  • Artist Info: User ImageName : u can call me star<br />
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    User ImageAge: 20<br />
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    User ImageBirthday: 27/2/1990<br />
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    User ImageLocation: Hong Kong<br />
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    User ImageOccupation: student<br />
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    About me<br />
    i am cheerfull and an easy going person, u can say i live in dreams and not in reality, thats why i am happy, its very easy to become friend with me, at times , u may find me talkitive , at times u may find me a silent like a satuate, but they are all me, i love animes and mangas, if you do, its even better, if you don't, its ok, i am sure u will someday, so u can always send me friend request, hope to see ya.
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