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    Things you must know:<br />
    My name is Chelsea.<br />
    I'm a helpless romantic.<br />
    I think Catholics are cool.<br />
    I'm Protestant.<br />
    Two of my friends are atheists.<br />
    Goodwill is the coolest thing ever invented.<br />
    My favorite sweatshirt is a black, relatively baggy hoodie I bought at Goodwill.<br />
    I love all things Converse.<br />
    And most importantly...<br />
    I <3 DANCING IN WALMART!!<br />
    <br />
    Things I believe:<br />
    There is a God.<br />
    You can fall in love at first sight.<br />
    Suicide sleeves are comfortable, but can be obnoxious.<br />
    It's not possible to have it all, but it is possible to feel whole.<br />
    The secret to the universe is NOT 42, but IS, in fact, all one-digit prime numbers, especially 3.
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