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  • Artist Info: Name: Sean<br />
    Born: August 2nd 1995<br />
    Plant you came from: Venus Fly Trap<br />
    Nicknames: Either Shaniqua or Glitch<br />
    Favorite thing to do on weekends: Nap<br />
    Hobby: Beat Boxing<br />
    Favorite Color: Dark Purple<br />
    Favorite Car- 1967 Chevy Impala<br />
    What Realist Car you want- Nissan Cube<br />
    Who is interviewing me right now? Trick Question.....<br />
    best friends on Gaia- CaptainKoolaid23<br />
    Favorite Type of Computer-Mac <br />
    The Computer you have- PC<br />
    Lucky Number: 76<br />
    Why you should be my Friend: Im Cool<br />
    Another reason you should be my friend: im a nice person <br />
    Favorite Drink: Mountain Dew <br />
    Most Awesome Creature" Giraffe<br />
    Greatest Food on Earth: Grapes<br />
    Disease you have: N/A <br />
    Best Friend: (you wouldnt know him) <br />
    Emote you invented: Shark Attack! _____/______/_____<br />
    Fav band: Ten Years<br />
    Favorite TV show: Silent Library<br />
    Pets:I have a Cat named Bella. <br />
    2nd Hobby: Being Awesome!<br />
    3rd Hobby: Nintendo 64<br />
    Favorite Video Game of all time: Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time<br />
    Current Favorite Video game: See Above Option<br />
    Favorite Song: Song Of Storms Dubstep Remix - DJ Ephixa <br />
    2nd Favorite Food: Brains<br />
    Best Skate Tricks: Natas Spin/Rodeo Flip<br />
    Why you love Gaia: Avatars<br />
    What you Hate Most: Being Sunburnt. ( I am right now)<br />
    Pet Pev: Stubbed toes<br />
    Favorite Holiday: Rollercoaster Day<br />
    Why are you doing this: Bored<br />
    Sex:Yes <br />
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